Subscriptions: We charge subscriptions to cover the running costs of the Scout Group.  We are lucky to have a nursery school tenant in our Scout Headquarters and a couple of lucrative Fundraisers in the Summer Fair and the Bonfire.  We also charge separately for big activities like Camps.  But they don’t cover all our costs.  As well as our Cookham running cost we also need to pay over £50 per head per member for the support services of our District, County and Headquarters teams.  These services include safeguarding, insurance and other key enablers of our programme.  After keeping subs flat for a number of years we have announced a phased increase in fees over the next few years.  These reflect rising costs to run a Scout group, but remain very competitive compared to other Scout Groups and other youth activities.  These are provisional figures, which may change if there is a big unexpected increase in HQ subscriptions or local running costs.

These are annual amounts.  We collect our subs once per term and will confirm the exact termly payment each January.  Subs for 2022 are £100.  They will go up by £10 per year until 2025, at which time we will review them again.

Subsidies: We want every Cookham Scout to enjoy the benefits of Scouting to the full. We encourage every Squirrel, Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer to participate in every event. The Group has funds available to ensure that hardship is not a factor in determining whether a child can join the Scout Group or take part in any event. Please speak to any Leader, in confidence, if you want any help, or reach out to our Group Chair, Nigel Hague, at:

How we collect the money: We collect all money for subscriptions, camps and other special events using the parent portal of Online Scout Manager.  The actual payment handling is done by Go Cardless, one of the leading secure providers in this area.  Your payment details will only be seen by Go Cardless, not us or OSM.  There are no payment fees for parents associated with using Go Cardless.  Using Online Scout Manager for subs makes claiming Gift Aid much easier, which helps us keep subs low.  It also greatly reduces the workload of our leaders and our admin support, maximising the time they can spend on delivering a great Scout programme in Cookham.

You can help us keep the cost of Scouting in Cookham affordable by volunteering to help out at our Summer Fair and Bonfire.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls